Ethnographic Study research on Yakshagana art form

The aim behind this project was to create a interactive media on Yakshagana art form through digital interactive processes, visual ethnography, story boarding, information organization & structuring. Based on our ethnographic research, we came up with web portal and print media on Yakshagana art form. Through our project lot of insights we got from Yakshagana art form. In depth research really help us to understand in details between art forms like Costumes , play , character roles , Make up process …

My tasks involved qualitative ethnography research, address contextual enquiries and making visuals.

About Yakshagana

Yakshagana has been embedded in the history and culture of Karnataka for the past thousand years. This is a classical folk art, which has its roots in the mythologies and holy texts. Yakshagana is one of the most important folk theatres of Karnataka and Kasargod. The Yakshagana is a total theatre because it has everything of a performing art. It entertains and enlighten both the learned and the illiterate..

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